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The Cash Advance, even though it has been referred to as “hard money” or “expensive money” or just a bad idea for a business, it is actually the unsung hero of American small business, and nobody wants to say it. It has aided businesses much needed expansion or additions to their business, most of which, are pertinent to its health and continuation. It has saved businesses near death, while also enabled expansion when no other options were available.


Cash Advance – The Stigma And The Truth

The construction industries most problematic catch 22

“You need money to start jobs, you need to do jobs to make money.”

This paradox creates a big problem for the average subcontractor when planning for future jobs or expansion. It puts them in a restrictive position, especially when looking to make the leap into having the capacity to complete larger, or multiple jobs at once. Even if the pipeline of jobs are full, often subs are waiting for payment, which can inhibit the functioning of their business and stall them for future jobs. This is clearly problematic and requires the assistance of lending institutions. Access to funding exists, but proves to not be ideal for this specific industry. Programs like Invoice Factoring and Lines of credit have proven to be supplementary financing that aids businesses in the construction space but never had been a solid solution. Often times credit lines are tapped out, or capital is needed before invoices have been written.


The Number 1 Expansion Tool for Subcontractors