Business Line of Credit

Are you looking for money for your small business, but don’t need it immediately? Do you generally have unexpected expenses? Or want an open line of credit for just-in-case situations? Open a line of credit with Cast Capital! Cast Capital has teamed up with a partner lender to release TRUE revolving Lines of Credit. With a simple 3 step application, we can approve you up to $50,000 with fixed weekly payments over 6 months and interest rates as low at .5% to 1%. The best part is that there is an early payoff option, where every pay off would replenish your available credit. We work with you to create an unique financial solution for your small business. The minimum eligibility criteria:
– 6 months in business
– $5,000 a month in revenue
– 600+ business owner credit

Unlike your general credit cards, there are NO maintenance fees and are significantly less expensive than merchant cast advances.Open a line of credit for your unexpected situation, Cast Capital is here to help.