inexpensive business loans

Tired of searching for the right business financing?

Merchants that are used to paying the high cost of Merchant Cash Advance Loans may get approved for lower interest and longer terms they just don’t know it yet. Most cash advance companies are attempting to sell the most expensive money as possible, but better rates are available. So what are the qualifications that could help improve your lending profile? Below are some key things to consider when judging the cost of your money:

Negative Days: Lenders want to make sure that overdrafts are non-existent.

High Daily Balances: This reduces risk that the company won’t have enough capital to overcome short term, day to day business expenses.

Credit Score: Most lenders want a credit score higher than 620 to qualify for cheaper money.

Past Borrowing: Have you paid back previous advances? Positive payback history lets lenders know that you are a solid borrower.

Do you think that your business can qualify for cheaper money? Give us a call, as rates start at 9% and generally don’t exceed 15% for most tier 1 candidates.