Logo of Cast Capital, a private commercial lender located in New Jersey

Who we are, and where we are going

Everyone says they are a direct lender, does that matter? In the business finance industry, referrals are everything. When we successfully provide affordable financing to a small business owner, we make sure they are completely happy with their payment terms. Now, sometimes interest rates are higher than expected or the terms aren’t exactly the most appealing, but our goal is to develop a long term business relationship, so we can assist you into higher and higher tier financial products as your company’s borrowing profile develops.

Our goal at Cast Capital, is to be your long term business financial partner. Whatever your business goals are, odds are good that you will need financing solutions and working capital. We like to clear about everything, so here is where the money is derived from on our company’s lending spectrum:

  1. Our Internal Fund: If our underwriting approves your business for funding, and we are interested in privately investing into your business, we will perform this deal in-house.
  2. Mitigating Risk: On deals that underwriting feels confident in, but wants to split the risk of payback, we may split the capital release with one of our trusted partners. This won’t effect how your paying back or the amount of money you would receive, in some scenarios you may receive more than initially thought.
  3. Working with our Partners: When our underwriters don’t want to invest into your business, we will find you the money you are looking for by reaching out to our lenders in the industry. You don’t have to spend the time searching and wondering if you can get a better deal…we will do that for you.

As Cast Capital expands, we are moving to offer debt consolidation services for clients that have multiple cash advance positions. Lowering payments and getting your business on track for success is our goal.