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About Us

Cast Capital is a Direct Commercial Funder specializing in alternative financing for small to medium-sized businesses. We provide business funding solutions that are fast and affordable. Getting financing is simple with us.

Traditional banks are old school. Businesses, especially startups and small companies, can’t get loans from large banking institutions anymore. Banks want specific assets as collateral and judge a business’s health from years of personal past financials. The whole loan process becomes overly complex. And as a business owner, you deal with enough complexity from day to day.

Cast Capital believes there is a better way – and we’ve proved it. Lenders in our network are ready and willing to invest in all sorts of companies across America, from small storefronts, to medical practices. We trust in America’s small businesses! With our capital, we’ve grown thousands of small businesses – just like yours! It’s all about discovering what makes your company special. We give the power back to you by offering a plethora of loan options such as Line of Credit, Reverse Consolidation, Cash Advance and much more! Our experts can fit you with the perfect financial product for your business’s unique goals. We take the time to discover your small business and learn how to maximize your profits together! Our capital – your growth!

Are you ready to take your company to the next level?