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Cast Capital finances hundreds of organizations all over the United States. During the payment period, it’s not uncommon to hear from companies who were able to use funds to generate enormous growth. For those small businesses, the capital was the only element holding them back. The facts are that you can be doing everything correctly, but without access to capital, it can be challenging to grow a business. And ultimately, having that capital is only part of the equation. The real question is how you will use it. And how likely it will generate a return.

Myth: Getting funded is hard

When dealing with large banks, yes. Getting your organization funded via banking institutions can be a real difficulty. Big banks like to make it easier for the larger corporations to get funds. Larger companies can also provide collateral and have time to deal with all the regulations. But if you are a smaller firm, don’t count yourself out of getting funded yet! It’s actually very do-able. Alternative lending is lending that is suited for small businesses. We make the process manageable and take a more real approach to underwriting. When our underwriters look at your file, we are checking more than just credit score. Cast Capital looks for real potential in your business. To do this, we attempt to see the business from your perspective. America’s growing companies are a huge market the banks are missing out on!

Will getting my business funded take long?

Small business funding is actually very fast. Just how fast? You’ll get funds within 48 hours at the latest. So if you have an urgent need for capital, don’t think that your business needs to go bankrupt. Alternative lenders don’t like to waste your time and aren’t burdened by the same regulations banks have. Your business doesn’t have time to wait – so neither will we. For fast funds, apply with Cast!

What results do you typically see?

The vast majority of organizations make it through the payment period with very little trouble (if they didn’t, we wouldn’t be in business!). Although the application process is quick, as mentioned above, we are sure to be thorough when looking at your business. We ask the questions that help you, and us, determine how fit you are for the program. We’ll also be sure that the program matches the outcome you are looking for. Get in touch with the Cast team to learn more!

Funding My Small Business

For America’s small businesses, it’s all about accelerating growth and maximizing sales. We want success fast. And ideally, a business should always be steadily growing. But if you’ve ever owned a company before, the odds are you’ve experienced some stagnation in progress. During these times, it can appear like your organization is just spinning its wheels. If you are in this situation, how do you get things moving again?

Scale up your organization

One sure way to generate growth is to identify what’s working and then scale up. However, some processes are simpler to scale than others. For example, if you are buying ads and know that you are netting positive cash flow from them, this could be just a matter of more purchasing – assuming you have the funds. But scaling other facets of your business could be more involved. For example, each sales rep could add thousands per day to your company’s profits. But sometimes hiring more people comes with its own expenses (like having to train, manage, etc.) And then there is the possibility that scaling your business can negatively affect the return you are getting. For instance, with ad buying, there may not be much room to increase spend if your campaign is very targeted. In this case, we’d recommend the next item on our list.

Always be testing new methods

If you find something that works, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with it. In a general sense, you should stick with what is effective. But not altering the way we do things from time to time leaves no room for optimization. It can be something little like changing the copy in an email slightly or massive – like migrating to a different CRM. Just make sure that your business is able to deal with all possible undesired outcomes.

Redo your website

For a lot of potential customers, your website is their first impression of your establishment. If your website is getting a lot of traffic, not having an up to date site can slow business. It can be hard to see flaws in a site that we are used to navigating. To get a critical view of your website, it’s best to have someone who hasn’t seen the site before tell you what their impressions are. Remember to be sure you are asking someone who will be honest and not afraid to suggest changes (no family members!).

Get funded!

Most businesses grow slowly on there own. But if you are looking for fast growth, taking out capital can make a huge difference. At Cast Capital, one of the most important questions we ask business owners is what they will be using the funds for. If you are in the market for capital, but sure that you have a clear idea and plan that is well thought out. We’ve seen thousands of companies use the funding to grow at rates that would be impossible organically. Check out our application to get started!

What’s Holding Your Small Business Back?

You hear statistics about how frequently startups decline everywhere. Most of which are valid. If you are a prospective business owner, how can you be positive your business will be a victory? Well, sadly there is no way to be 100% sure. However, many CEOs have reoccurring successful ventures back to back – so the outcome of your company certainly isn’t random. Hopefully, with lots of hard work and knowledge, your company can be another success story.

Here are a few of the most common reasons so many startups fail.

They aren't familiar with the industry

It’s exciting starting a business. Anyone who has gone off working on their own can tell you that. Sometimes that excitement can lead perspective owners to jump thee entrepreneurial gun. It’s best to start a business when you are familiar with the industry. And getting that feeling of industry comfort takes time. If your thinking about starting a business, spend some time in a similar working environment. It will give you an idea of what to expect as well as introduce you to influencers in the space.

They don't have access to capital

So many things can go wrong in the small business world. Maybe you are having a dull couple months, lost a few good employees, or need leverage to grow. Regardless of your needs, businesses have expenses they are required to meet every day to operate normally. These needs are often immediate – but temporary. This is where alternative lending can help. Cast Capital‘s programs are about getting small organizations their funds fast and with no headache. We’ve simplified the underwriting process as well as tailored programs to meet different financial needs.

There is no market for their product/service

Have you ever come up with a genius idea for a business? And then only to realize, after some thought, that it was a terrible idea. There are lots of products out there that lack viability and simply can’t sell. When starting a small business, make sure you are filling a real need. And even more importantly, think your venture all the way through before launching. You’ll be happy you did.

Failure is a step closure to success

There’s no shame in not having a venture workout. In fact, you’ll most likely be happy to have made the attempt. A failure is a huge opportunity to learn. Most of the very successful people today have had multiple failed tries before reaching their goals. It’s about how you react to those downturns and your willingness to learn that show your true character and improve your likelihood of future success.

Why Most Start-ups Fail